InHouse Management’s involvement with elite’s sports starts at the inception of where it all begins for all professional athletes….the community. IHM has spent over 25 years involved with and working along-side the kids, parents, coaches, community organizers, youth clubs, trainers, educators, colleges and universities. Because of IHM deep understand of the elite sports system IHM is able to see things from a multi-dimensional perspective. IHM is a vital support and pillar for youth, colligate and professional athletes, as well as their families and extended support system.  IHM assist and advises those athletes and individuals who are either preparing for the draft, making their transition from college into the pros, as well as the seasoned veterans who are seeking clarity, planning and execution for the next steps into their personal and professional lives. 


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IHM understands the intensity of youth sports has moved to younger and younger ages for the kids. It has migrated from the professional level to college to high school to middle school to the various local travel teams. Youth sports goes beyond casual activities on the weekends, and it is a long-term mental, financial and physical commitment from kids, parents, coaches, and educators.  When putting kids in sports the journey doesn’t always begin with making the club or travel team, then varsity, then win a college scholarship and then a professional sports contract, however; quickly into the first 5-7 years of a child’s life the pressure of drawing a roadmap of strategy to get your kids sets in. IHM has made it a point to be the bridge to the past while connecting to the resources of the future while bringing success in the present for the new generation of young athletes.


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IHM understands the pressures that come with the life of a collegiate athlete.  The intense stress to balance academics and sports can be taxing emotionally, physically and mentally. It can be even more so for those athletes who are ready to transition into the professional arena. IHM specializes as change consultants for those athletes and their families, as they prepare for the pressures that come from the new levels of change into professional sports.


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IHM has provided representation, management and consulting to the athletes, coaches, institutions and various sports personalities. From football, basketball, soccer, basketball, track & field, IHM expertise and leadership helps define what it means to build not only a professional career or brand; but a soul purpose legacy.  IHM meets the professional athlete from the beginning of where professional sports begins and legacy building stops.