Data on Kyoto Animation Server Survives Arson Attack

July 29, 2019 8:16PM PT

Data in the server on the first floor of the fire-ravaged Kyoto Animation (“KyoAni”) studio has been recovered intact, according to Japanese media reports. The recovered data includes digitalized key animation drawings.

The server was surrounded by four concrete walls that shielded it from fire and water damage. A lawyer for KyoAni, Daisuke Okeda, told the media: “Data recorded on the server has been recovered without loss.” He offered his “heartfelt thanks” to the unnamed specialists who had saved the data.

The arsonist-set fire on July 18 ravaged the three-story studio building, while killing 35 employees and injuring 33. Their PCs and paper drawings were all destroyed in the fire.

The already-completed “Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll,” a spin-off film from the studio’s “Violet Evergarden” franchise, will screen in limited release from Sept. 6 to 26 in Japan.

The progress of production and releases of three other films on the KyoAni lineup, including the main “Violet Evergarden” movie, have not yet been detailed.