Fox Film Chief Stacey Snider Addresses Sale to Disney in Moving CinemaCon Speech

April 26, 2018 10:31AM PT

Twentieth Century Fox Film Chairman and CEO Stacey Snider said she had “no more insight” into the studio’s pending sale to Walt Disney Company, but during remarks at CinemaCon she saluted her company’s artistic legacy and urged a crowd of theater owners to think about ways to preserve the future of film.

“We’ve been making movie and memories for nearly 85 years,” Snider said in remarks that were both elegiac and deeply personal. “We took chances, pushed boundaries, and forged the future of the film business.”

The veteran film executive, who has also had stints at DreamWorks and Universal, noted that the film business faces threats from streaming upstarts and new forms of distribution. She also said that she, like millions of people, enjoyed watching movies from the comfort of her home. Yet, Snider said, there’s something that continues to draw her back to darkened theaters.

Consuming entertainment in the home “tends to be as fleeting as it is easy.” Snider said the “greatest memories that make up my life are the moments shared with other people.”

“Let’s stay dedicated to the future of cinema and passionate about the future to come,” she urged exhibitors, while calling on them to “take meaningful steps to ensure people still come together.”

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