Stop-Motion Characters From Laika Studios Battle in Fight Challenge Viral Video

The Oscar-nominated animators at Laika Studios are the latest participants in the viral fight challenge social media trend.

The animation house posted the short video to the company’s Twitter and TikTok accounts on Saturday, following the breakout success of the previous choreographed fight video from Hollywood stars and stunt performers.

The setup of the looping fight scenes is simple. One person kick off the chain by launching an attack at the camera, the next person gets knocked down, stands up and starts a domino effect. However, Laika took it a step further by animating its version of the video trend.

“No one ever said animating was safe,” the caption said. Watch the creative video below.

Dressed in her yellow jacket, Coraline, from Laika’s first feature film of the same name, appears at the very beginning, and a monster from “The Boxtrolls,” the company’s third film, follows up next. A pair of Nike Air Max shoes from Laika’s latest movie “Missing Link” also has a cameo in an “Invisible Man”-inspired scene.

The previous viral fight challenge video that took over social media featured celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and several other actresses.

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