In a world that is continuously changing, and one that includes many conflicting opinions, agendas and priorities, it’s essential to build a strong team around one’s personal and professional desires with trust, clarity, and focus.  An experienced manager or agent along with an extended reliable support team is the KEY and should be built and lead with leadership skills that will guide a community of people all who exemplify the same values, concepts, and actions. These guidelines are the backbone for any successful entertainer, musician, or professional athletes personal life and career. These guidelines are the foundation in building a lifelong legacy that will sustain generations to come. These guidelines and principles are the core values of InHouse Management and what we represent.



BELIEVES high-profile individuals that require an extensive team around them should be supported with the most experienced and knowledgeable people who understand the pressures that come with being rich and famous.

BUILDS its name and reputation by providing private and confidential management and change agent services to some of the worlds’ top entertainers, artist, musicians, producers and professional athletes from around the world.   

CREATES a reliable infrastructure of experienced professional leaders specific to every client and the inner workings of their personal and professional lives.

PROVIDES over 25 years of experience in a variety of fields along with its extended network of resources and relationships in business, music, film, sports, art, fashion, technology, finance, non-profit, real estate, architecture, and design.  

SERVES as the “Bridge of Change” for those who have a strong desire for severe changes in their personal and professional lives.   

UNDERSTANDS their clients should not depend on any one person to hold all the power in their personal or professional lives.  That creativity, leadership, and ability should be distributed amongst all support team individuals in order to create an ecosystem of success for all involved.