La Liga Winner ‘Firsts’ Pitched at Annecy’s Territory Focus

Pitched at Annecy, “Primeras” (Firsts) is a 2D TV project which underscores how the industry is driving ever more into issues of gender and inclusion.

Part of the La Liga Focus, and produced by Chile’s Typpo Creative Lab and Pájaro Studio, the 13-episode anthology series turns on Latin American women pioneers in fields of knowledge, sports and culture which had historically been reserved for men. Tatiana Calderó, the first woman tester in Formula One, Prudencia Ayala, a first female presidential candidate and Eloísa Díaz, Chile’s first female doctor, make the cut.

Also included are Gabriela Mistral – all Latin American Nobel Prize winners before her had been men – Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Mexico’s  ground-breaking 17th century female poet; and Anaconda, said to be the earliest woman to lead a troop against Spain’s conquistadors.

“Animation has always given me the feeling of being in a dream and that’s what the series is all about: the freedom to dream. Girls and boys have no limits when it comes to dreaming: That’s why they are so receptive to animation,” say Catalina Fontecilla, “Primeras” co-creator, along with Javi Risco, and executive producer.

Fontecilla adds: “These stories that may sometimes be a little heavy or challenging, are laced with doses of humor, beauty and dynamism typical of animation.”

Including fictional conversations with its subjects, “Firsts” reflects Typpo Creative Lab’s production line: Stories carrying some social message or/and with a strong Latin identity, especially for kids and family audiences,” the creators said.

Founded by Risco and Bambú Orellana, Typpo Creative is also featured at Annecy in its TV Series and Specials section with an episode of “Normaltown,” whose 2D half-hour episodes are inspired by Latin American magical realism.

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Normal Town Credit: Typpo Creative Lab

Other projects presented in La Liga’s Territory Focus on June 17 took in Argentine Juan Pablo Zaramella’s first feature “Coda,” produced by Argentina’s JPZtudio and Chile’s Zumbastico Studios; Wesley Rodrigues’ 2D adult audience-targeting “The Bird Kingdom,” from Brazil’s Lupa Filmes and Armoria Studio; and Bruno Bask’s preschool TV series “The Little Kites,” from Brazil’s Mono Animation. Also featured is Elio Quiroga’s 2D historical odyssey “Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope,” produced by Chile’s El Otro Film, Spain’s La Ballesta  and France’s Marmitafilms.

The Territory Focus is co-organized by La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana in Focus, an umbrella association created by Argentina’s Ventana Sur Animation! forum, Spain’s Quirino Awards and Mexico’s Pixelatl festival, made in partnership with the Annecy Animation Festival. “Firsts” was chosen among all projects and productions presented at December’s Buenos Aires’ Animation! to participate at the Quirino Awards.