Locarno Bound ‘Delta’ Debuts Trailer, True Colours Handles Sales (EXCLUSIVE)

Michele Vannucci’s “Delta” has debuted its trailer ahead of its world premiere on the Piazza Grande at the Locarno Film Festival. True Colours is handling world sales.

The Po Delta in Italy is the setting of the clash between fishermen and poachers. Osso wants to save the river from overfishing at the hands of the Florians, a family on the run from the Danube. Together with the Florians is Elia, who was born in those lands. Overwhelmed by blind violence, the two will face each other in the mists of the delta.

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Vannucci said: “From the very beginning, I thought of ‘Delta’ as an action film with strong social implications. A manhunt in which the two protagonists, Elia and Osso, are both executioners and victims of a conflict that dominates them. Two identities on the run, each one fighting with his own ghost, who discover in their duel an irreducible common ground that unites them. Something so terrifying, and yet so human. I thought of ‘Delta’ as a folk tale, a journey along the river that leads to an Italian heart of darkness.”

Vannucci made his first film in 2016, “Il più grande sogno,” with Alessandro Borghi, which premiered at Venice in the Horizons section. The folowing year, he was nominated for a David di Donatello Award for best new director.

The cast of “Delta” includes Alessandro Borghi, Luigi Lo Cascio and Emilia Scarpati.

The screenplay was written by Massimo Gaudioso, Fabio Natale, Anita Otto and Vannucci.

The cinematography is by Matteo Vieille Rivara and the editing is by Francesco Di Stefano.

The producers are Matteo Rovere and Giovanni Pompili. The production companies are Groenlandia and Kino Produzioni, with Rai Cinema.