10 Celebrities That Call Miami Home

Sunshine all year round. Blue ocean water. Suntanned bodies. Ah, Miami. The land of white, sandy beaches, scrumptious Cuban sandwiches and cafecitos. There’s a certain amount of romanticism associated with the city, and for good reason. Miami offers all of the warmth and charm of tropical island living, right here in the United States.

But let’s face it, living in Magic City is not exactly for the faint of heart. Or the light of wallet, for that matter. Sure, maybe there was a time when the average person could nab an affordable home with a nice backyard in the city, but those days are little more than a fleeting memory. And the high-end mansion market is jetsetters-only, with pricetags way up in the tens of millions being the norm. If you’re looking for a relatively affordable spot, you’ll likely have to settle for a modest townhouse or apartment building.

But for those who have the cash, Miami is perhaps the ultimate tropical playground; the flashy city has been attracting celebrities since the days of the Rat Pack. And with its legendary nightlife, mild climate, stunning beaches, beautiful people and lax income, inheritance and estate taxes, it doesn’t take too much persuading to convince someone of means to consider a move there. Plus, because of its proximity to the Caribbean, Miami boasts a wildly vivid local culture, with heavy Haitian and Cuban influences, which has earned it the nickname “the Capital of Latin America.”

Like any city, Miami has a vast collection of subset neighborhoods and towns that boast their own distinct personalities. There’s South Beach, which is known for its glitzy nightlife scene and eye-catching, pastel Art Deco buildings. There’s the perennially popular neighborhood of Miami Beach. And for those looking for looking for property in a area that’s a wee bit quieter, there’s always hoity-toity Coral Gables. And don’t forget all those islands surrounding the city, some of them with their own guard-gated bridges and boasting collections of residents that read like the invite list to an A-list Grammy Awards afterparty.

Grab a daiquiri and get ready to meet 10 of the many celebrities that call Miami home.