Emmy FYC Season to Kick Off With a Michael Sheen/Lizzy Caplan Reunion

Brace yourself — Emmy campaign season gets underway next weekend, starting with a unique For Your Consideration double bill for Fox’s “Prodigal Son” and Hulu’s “Castle Rock” on Saturday, Feb. 29.

Warner Bros. TV is behind the event, which will pair “Prodigal Son” star Michael Sheen and “Castle Rock” star Lizzy Caplan on the same stage. There’s method to their madness, of course: The FYC shindig also doubles as a “Masters of Sex” reunion.

Sheen and Caplan spent four seasons on “Masters of Sex,” the Showtime period drama that starred the duo as respective sexuality researchers Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

Sheen now plays incarcerated serial killer Martin Whitly on “Prodigal Son,” up for Emmy consideration in drama categories, while Caplan portrayed the Stephen King character Annie Wilkes in Season 2 of the anthology series “Castle Rock,” up for limited series consideration.

A rep for Warner Bros. TV said the studio, having landed the first FYC booking of the season, wanted to do something unique for the kickoff — and given that both “Prodigal Son” and “Castle Rock” fall under its purview, the idea of a “Masters of Sex” reunion was born. Both actors were keen on the idea, and timing also worked out: Sheen shoots “Prodigal Son” in New York, and Caplan is currently in London, able to fly across the pond.

The “Prodigal Son”/”Castle Rock” FYC event takes place in New York City, at the Whitby Hotel. The panel, which will be held at 1:30 p.m., is followed by “high tea.” Conversation will cover both shows, but also include some “Masters of Sex” chat.

More FYC gatherings will be announced in the coming days and weeks; so far, only one other panel has been revealed: The first L.A.-based event will be held for Adult Swim’s “Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal,” at the TV Academy’s Wolf Theatre in North Hollywood on Tuesday, March 3.

The TV Academy’s new FYC RSVP lottery system, first introduced last year, remains in effect. A reminder of how it works: Per the org, for the first 24 hours after an event invitation email goes out, members have the opportunity to RSVP via a link in the invitation that will enter them in the lottery for that event. At the end of the 24-hour period, members are randomly selected and notified that they are registered to attend.

All members who entered the lottery will be sent an email informing them that they have either been randomly selected by the lottery to attend the event or have been put on the waiting list. In addition, many FYC events will have a stand-by line for members not on the confirmed RSVP list (including those still on the waiting list). Should an event not sell out in the first 24 hours, all members entered in the lottery will be registered. Additional RSVPs will then be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

More details can be found at the Television Academy’s Emmy FYC page here.