Critically Acclaimed Korean Debut Feature ‘Aloners’ to Release in North American Theaters (EXCLUSIVE)

Aloners,” a critically-acclaimed debut feature about loneliness, is set to receive a theatrical release in North America in early 2022. All rights in the region were acquired by Film Movement.

The film, directed by South Korea’s Hong Sung-eun, reflects on the growing phenomenon of one-person households and tells a tale of an anti-social woman who is forced out of her shell.

It was produced by the Korean Academy of Film Arts and represented in international markets by M-Line Distribution. Film Movement plans a theatrical outing in North American theaters that will be followed by releases to all leading home entertainment and digital platforms.

The film made its first appearance at the Jeonju International Film Festival, where it won the CGV Arthouse Award Distribution Support prize and the best actress prize for Gong Seung-yeon. Gong also won the Korean Association of Film Critics prize for best new actress in the central role. It also appeared at the Toronto, Zurich, Turin and San Sebastian festivals, and won the best new director award in Cairo.

“Given the state of the world, ‘Aloners’ is wholly relatable ode to modern loneliness no matter where you live,” said Michael Rosenberg, Film Movement president. “Along with an incredible turn by her lead actress, Hong has created a film certain to resonate with all moviegoers.”

In the film, Jina (Gong) is the top employee at a credit card call center, though she leads a repetitive and monotonous life and resides alone in a small unit of an anonymous apartment building. She is a loner who has not only chosen seclusion, but shows no interest in interacting with those around her, including the annoying next-door neighbor who’s constantly trying to make contact while smoking in the hallway. Her father’s phone calls to hound her over her recently deceased mother’s inheritance often go unanswered. She is an impenetrable loner, until one day when the loud thud of something very heavy falling next door — coupled with the disruptive arrival of a young new intern at work that Jina reluctantly has to train — upsets her solitary life, demanding closer encounters with people around her. The impenetrable wall she’s erected around herself begins to crumble.

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