Hailey & Justin Bieber Say This Sitcom Is a ‘Palate Cleanser for the Soul’

For the latest installment of their Facebook Watch series, The Biebers on Watch, Hailey and Justin Bieber went live to answer questions from fans.

When asked about the sitcom Friends, the couple couldn’t help but gush, noting that it’s their favorite show. “We watch Friends every night before we go to bed,” Hailey revealed, before adding, “I watched all of Friends from start to finish when I was single, I watched it every day.”

“It’s a good palate cleanser for the soul in the sense of–you know how you have ginger when you have sushi? Same vibe,” the “Sorry” singer added.

The conversation soon turned to the topic of marriage, and fans wanted to know how the couple felt about being married so young (Justin was 24 and Hailey was 21). “I think both of us always knew we wanted to be married young…I always wanted to be married young,” the model replied. “My parents got married when they were 23. So, I just always saw myself being married young.”

“I always pictured myself being married young,” JB mirrored. “It was always, like, my goal because my family…I came from a broken home, so I always wanted to have my own family.”

On their best and worst aspects of marriage, both agreed that seeing each other every day is a rose, while stealing blankets and a bit of messiness is a thorn.

Watch the full episode below.