Dr. Drew Pinsky Recovering From Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

FOX 11 Special Report” co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky announced Tuesday that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Pinsky shared the news on Instagram, adding that his fever is down and he has been feeling better. After revealing his diagnosis, Pinsky has also taken a number of videos to update followers of his condition.

“I was supposed to get the vaccine, I got stonewalled by my hospital, walked into an outbreak (and) got it,” Pinsky said in one of the updates. “I’m (in an) at-risk category, so I got the full syndrome. I got a lot of good treatment … to shorten the viral phase of this thing.”

In another video, Pinsky documents his experience receiving an infusion known as Bamlanivimab to help the healing process. The IV treatment is authorized for use on patients battling the virus.

The doctor’s case of coronavirus began to trend on Twitter Wednesday, mostly on account of the comments he made downplaying the pandemic earlier this year. He suggested that it was merely a “press-induced panic.” He apologized for the comment in April, noting that he was incorrect about comparing it to the flu.

“I understand there’s a lot of something going on on Twitter,” he said in one of his Instagram updates. “I’m going to be ignoring that because I don’t quite know what the action’s all about.”

Pinsky’s most recent update came Wednesday night when he shared an Instagram Live conversation to his page. The 26-minute video includes the discussion of insurance coverage and the availability of treatment.

The doctor will ride out his recovery at his home in Southern California. His wife and family have tested negative.