Glenn Close Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Movie Looks

From the black leather jacket in “Fatal Attraction” to her zebra-print coat dress from “101 Dalmatians,” Glenn Close has more than 56 costumes and accessories from characters she has played on display in the new exhibit “The Art of the Character” at the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University Bloomington.

Here, Close breaks down some of her iconic looks for Variety.

1. “Fatal Attraction”: “I was so grateful that Ellen Mirojnick was the costumer because I couldn’t have shopped for Alex if my life depended on it. That jacket was fabulous, and I loved the scene where I put acid on his car and I had these dark glasses. A lot of the time, directors don’t like you wearing dark glasses because they want to see your eyes.”

2. “101 Dalmatians”: “Those Cruella costumes were not easy to move in — the heels were high and the furs were heavy. Those heels I was wearing when I come out of the car for my entrance in the movie were made out of nails. When we finally got to shooting me walking down what looks like a runway, my feet were on fire.”

3. “Dangerous Liaisons”: “I had given birth to my daughter [Annie Starke] and she was 7 weeks old when I went to Paris. In order to get into that shape, I put a modern girdle on, and then a corset over that. They would chafe together. There are two costumes that are direct copies of gowns worn by Madame de Pompadour: The green with the pink rosettes, that’s from a portrait of Madame de Pompadour, and then there’s the beautiful apricot one that I wear in the first scene with John Malkovich.”

“The Art of the Character” runs through Nov. 14.