Kew Media Distribution Signs Distribution Deal With Participant

Kew Media Distribution has signed a multi-year distribution agreement with Participant, the L.A.-based company behind “Spotlight,” “Green Book” and “Roma,” to start handling global television and digital rights on some new projects from Participant.

As part of the deal, Kew Media will distribute Participant’s socially and politically engaged documentaries and narrative feature films, as well as content from Participant’s library.

Some titles listed in the deal include the Sundance Award winners “3-1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets” and “Circumstance,” the Oscar-nominated documentary “Food, Inc.,” the Emmy-nominated “Pressure Cooker,” and the SXSW Festival winner “The Great Invisible” and “The World According to Sesame Street.”

“We do all we can to ensure that our programming combines the power of a good story, well-told, with opportunities for real world impact,” said David Linde, the CEO of Participant. “Reaching audiences around the world is central to the success of our work, and we are thrilled to grow our network of world-class distribution partners by working with Kew.”

Jonathan Ford, the executive VP of sales at Kew Media Distribution, said: “Participant’s content really resonates with the growing voice of the ‘conscious consumer’ around the world.” Ford said Kew Media looks forward to helping “bring global awareness to a multitude of topics through [Participant’s] high-end documentaries and fiction features.”

The deal was negotiated on behalf of Participant by Krista Wegener, Participant’s executive VP of sales and distribution, and Danice Woodley, the senior VP of business and legal affairs for Participant.