Color of Change and Diverse Representation Team for Black Music Executives Pipeline Program

As part of their #ChangeMusic movement, Color of Change has partnered with Diverse Representation to launch the Black Music Executives Pipeline Program. The civil rights advocacy nonprofit and database provider for Black professionals in entertainment have joined forces in efforts to increase the number of Black executives in music.

The new program aims to create an effective tool that will allow record labels, publishers, video production companies, streaming services and touring companies to quickly identify and hire Black professionals. It’s slated to bridge the gap between the increasingly high number of Black artists in the music industry and the disproportionately low number of Black executives representing them at the vice presidential level or higher.

“The Black Music Executives Pipeline Program is a crucial step in the ongoing fight to end the music industry’s decades-long history of discrimination and exclusion of Black professionals,” Amity Paye, interim chief marketing officer and senior director of communications at Color of Change said in a statement.